Seasonal Property Care

External property care is not just confined to the summer months.  Winter can bring with it a number of issues for you to consider in ensuring the safety of residents and visitors along with keeping your building in good shape. 

As we leave the summer months behind us, Autumn can bring a new issue with piles of leaves and foliage building up in carparks and public pathways.  Not only can these provide hazards when wet and slippy, but they also create additional cleaning works inside as they are trodden in or blown in with the wind.  We are able to provide regular external cleaning and leaf vacuuming to keep your pathways clear. 

Olico also offer seasonal gritting contracts giving you the peace of mind that private driveways and footpaths will be gritted during the icy months of winter helping you to minimise any risks of claims. 

In addition, the exterior of your property can be subject to harsh conditions during the deep winter months - we can be on hand to assist should your property run into any issues due to freezing weather. 

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